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Challenging Memories: Silence and Empathy in Heritage Interpretation

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the network ‘Silence, Memory and Empathy in Museums and at Historic Sites’ has been working for two years to explore the diversity of approaches to silence and empathy, to share practice and develop ways of working between academics and practitioners. Our concluding conference was held at the conference centre at Buckfast Abbey in Devon from 17-19 July 2013.

Keynote speakers: Professor Jay Winter (Yale University) and Dr. Elizabeth Bonshek (University of Canberra)

The conference was two days of papers, practitioner-led workshops, and tours of historic sites in this unique setting of the Benedictine monastery at Buckfast Abbey.

The programme fostered collaboration and shared understanding between academia and the heritage sector, and offered opportunities for networking, demonstrating approaches and practice, and presenting empirical research.

The programme can be reviewed online, and our two keynote presentations can be viewed online at the links above

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