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Star Wars Identities

January 22, 2013

No, it’s not the name of a new Star Wars movie, it’s actually part of a Star Wars exhibition currently on display in Canada.  In short, it’s an exhibition of some 200 items of Star Wars memorabilia (which I’d pay good money for anyway) but they’ve added some interactives that help visitors explore concepts around identity, bringing some deeper learning to your experience in the exhibition.  This video clip tells you more.

The identity range of interactives were designed with the assistance of the Montreal Science Centre and are based around three aspects – origins, influences, and choices.  You make your selections using a pretty nifty wristband which tracks your selections and at the end of the exhibition you get to find out if you’re a giant evil-looking teddy bear like this…


Or a bloke with a fish’s head like Admiral Akbar, who despite his great intelligence couldn’t work out that it was all a trap in Return of the Jedi…


Or perhaps even Princess Leia herself, who looks like she’s going through a Jabba the Hutt phase.  Stay off the sauce kids.


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